High quality molded pulp eyelash packaging


High quality molded pulp eyelash packaging

July 5th, 2024

Everyone knows the importance of environmental protection, so we would like to share the molded pulp lash packaging box and lash tray with you. 

Compared with plastic packaging, pulp eyelash packaging is sustainable environmentally friendly, durable, renewable, and recyclable. 

Our eyelash packaging is molded from biodegradable sugarcane bagasse. It is a renewable resource with a short growth cycle.

Durable: The pulp packaging is made with high strength so the packaging is very durable, which means you can reuse it many times. 

Reduces Carbon Emission: The plant-based lash tray is the best method to reduce carbon emissions during the manufacturing process. The production process is eco-friendly without waste water or gas. 

Biodegradable: The pulp packaging is biodegradable within a very short time in the soil, without leaving anything harmful.  

We can customize it as per customers' requests. We also have existing mold to provide stock eyelash trays.

Now it’s time to embrace biodegradable packaging, and all of us can contribute a little to environmental protection. 

If you are looking for pulp lash packaging? You can always contact me.