What’s so special about Mink Lashes?


What’s so special about Mink Lashes?

July 9th, 2024

Mink Lashes are made from real mink fur, so they are different from the synthetic material, or other plastic material, allowing for a super light, soft, fluffy, and more natural look, matching a similar quality of natural human lashes. Due to the excellent feature of the mink fur texture, mink lashes can be able to be reused over and over again!

HFT's mink lashes are the most popular in the lash market, you guys can wear the mink lashes up to 25 times. This is a selling point that can be used for publicity.

Advantages of mink lashes:

Suitable for more makeup

Mink lashes are much more natural than synthetic material. They have a very fluffy, soft texture, and can be used to create a natural or dramatic eye makeup look.

Soft and comfortable

Mink lashes have a soft texture like real human hair, so it is much more comfortable for you to apply the mink lashes, and you can wear the mink lashes with the feeling without wearing anything.

100% Handmade

Compared with regular lashes, mink lashes are 100% handmade by our lash artists. HFT each pair of mink lashes is special and unique, and we are spending so much time to make them out successfully during the making process.

Safe and healthy

Mink lashes are made of mink fur, a safe raw material, without any worries about the allergy problem. It’s healthy for you to wear mink lashes.


Unlike plastic lashes, mink lashes can be reused up to 25 times, if you can protect them well. Please return the mink lashes to the original case to keep them clean.

If you would like to experience our  mink eyelashes, please contact us to apply samples. I believe this series will not let you down!